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Crawford B-42 Spring Series 173E Collets (Metric)  (Inch)

48mm 94mm 60mm 15
Size Round* Hex Square
1.0mm 4728-R-1.0mm 4728-X-1.0mm 4728-S-1.0mm
1.5mm 4728-R-1.5mm 4728-X-1.5mm 4728-S-1.5mm
2.0mm 4728-R-2.0mm 4728-X-2.0mm 4728-S-2.0mm
2.5mm 4728-R-2.5mm 4728-X-2.5mm 4728-S-2.5mm
3.0mm 4728-R-3.0mm 4728-X-3.0mm 4728-S-3.0mm
3.5mm 4728-R-3.5mm 4728-X-3.5mm 4728-S-3.5mm
4.0mm 4728-R-4.0mm 4728-X-4.0mm 4728-S-4.0mm
4.5mm 4728-R-4.5mm 4728-X-4.5mm 4728-S-4.5mm
5.0mm 4728-R-5.0mm 4728-X-5.0mm 4728-S-5.0mm
5.5mm 4728-R-5.5mm 4728-X-5.5mm 4728-S-5.5mm
6.0mm 4728-R-6.0mm 4728-X-6.0mm 4728-S-6.0mm
6.5mm 4728-R-6.5mm 4728-X-6.5mm 4728-S-6.5mm
7.0mm 4728-R-7.0mm 4728-X-7.0mm 4728-S-7.0mm
7.5mm 4728-R-7.5mm 4728-X-7.5mm 4728-S-7.5mm
8.0mm 4728-R-8.0mm _4728-X-8.0mm 4728-S-8.0mm
8.5mm 4728-R-8.5mm _4728-X-8.5mm 4728-S-8.5mm
9.0mm 4728-R-9.0mm 4728-X-9.0mm 4728-S-9.0mm
9.5mm 4728-R-9.5mm 4728-X-9.5mm 4728-S-9.5mm
10.0mm 4728-R-10.0mm 4728-X-10.0mm 4728-S-10.0mm
10.5mm 4728-R-10.5mm 4728-X-10.5mm 4728-S-10.5mm
11.0mm 4728-R-11.0mm 4728-X-11.0mm 4728-S-11.0mm
11.5mm 4728-R-11.5mm 4728-X-11.5mm 4728-S-11.5mm
12.0mm 4728-R-12.0mm 4728-X-12.0mm 4728-S-12.0mm
12.5mm 4728-R-12.5mm 4728-X-12.5mm 4728-S-12.5mm
13.0mm 4728-R-13.0mm 4728-X-13.0mm 4728-S-13.0mm
13.5mm 4728-R-13.5mm 4728-X-13.5mm 4728-S-13.5mm
14.0mm 4728-R-14.0mm 4728-X-14.0mm 4728-S-14.0mm
14.5mm 4728-R-14.5mm 4728-X-14.5mm 4728-S-14.5mm
15.0mm 4728-R-15.0mm 4728-X-15.0mm 4728-S-15.0mm
15.5mm 4728-R-15.5mm 4728-X-15.5mm 4728-S-15.5mm
16.0mm 4728-R-16.0mm 4728-X-16.0mm 4728-S-16.0mm
16.5mm 4728-R-16.5mm 4728-X-16.5mm 4728-S-16.5mm
17.0mm 4728-R-17.0mm 4728-X-17.0mm 4728-S-17.0mm
17.5mm 4728-R-17.5mm 4728-X-17.5mm 4728-S-17.5mm
18.0mm 4728-R-18.0mm 4728-X-18.0mm 4728-S-18.0mm
18.5mm 4728-R-18.5mm 4728-X-18.5mm 4728-S-18.5mm
19.0mm 4728-R-19.0mm 4728-X-19.0mm 4728-S-19.0mm
19.5mm 4728-R-19.5mm 4728-X-19.5mm 4728-S-19.5mm
20.0mm 4728-R-20.0mm 4728-X-20.0mm 4728-S-20.0mm
20.5mm 4728-R-20.5mm 4728-X-20.5mm 4728-S-20.5mm
21.0mm 4728-R-21.0mm 4728-X-21.0mm 4728-S-21.0mm
21.5mm 4728-R-21.5mm 4728-X-21.5mm 4728-S-21.5mm
22.0mm 4728-R-22.0mm 4728-X-22.0mm 4728-S-22.0mm
22.5mm 4728-R-22.5mm 4728-X-22.5mm 4728-S-22.5mm
23.0mm 4728-R-23.0mm 4728-X-23.0mm 4728-S-23.0mm
23.5mm 4728-R-23.5mm 4728-X-23.5mm 4728-S-23.5mm
24.0mm 4728-R-24.0mm 4728-X-24.0mm 4728-S-24.0mm
24.5mm 4728-R-24.5mm 4728-X-24.5mm 4728-S-24.5mm
25.0mm 4728-R-25.0mm 4728-X-25.0mm 4728-S-25.0mm
25.5mm 4728-R-25.5mm 4728-X-25.5mm 4728-S-25.5mm
26.0mm 4728-R-26.0mm 4728-X-26.0mm 4728-S-26.0mm
26.5mm 4728-R-26.5mm 4728-X-26.5mm 4728-S-26.5mm
27.0mm 4728-R-27.0mm 4728-X-27.0mm 4728-S-27.0mm
27.5mm 4728-R-27.5mm 4728-X-27.5mm 4728-S-27.5mm
28.0mm 4728-R-28.0mm 4728-X-28.0mm 4728-S-28.0mm
28.5mm 4728-R-28.5mm 4728-X-28.5mm 4728-S-28.5mm
29.0mm 4728-R-29.0mm 4728-X-29.0mm 4728-S-29.0mm
29.5mm 4728-R-29.5mm _4728-X-29.5mm 4728-S-29.5mm
30.0mm 4728-R-30.0mm 4728-X-30.0mm 4728-S-30.0mm
30.5mm 4728-R-30.5mm 4728-X-30.5mm -
31.0mm 4728-R-31.0mm 4728-X-31.0mm -
31.5mm 4728-R-31.5mm 4728-X-31.5mm -
32.0mm 4728-R-32.0mm 4728-X-32.0mm -
32.5mm 4728-R-32.5mm 4728-X-32.5mm -
33.0mm 4728-R-33.0mm 4728-X-33.0mm -
33.5mm 4728-R-33.5mm 4728-X-33.5mm -
34.0mm 4728-R-34.0mm 4728-X-34.0mm -
34.5mm 4728-R-34.5mm 4728-X-34.5mm -
35.0mm 4728-R-35.0mm 4728-X-35.0mm -
35.5mm 4728-R-35.5mm 4728-X-35.5mm -
36.0mm 4728-R-36.0mm 4728-X-36.0mm -
36.5mm 4728-R-36.5mm 4728-X-36.5mm -
37.0mm 4728-R-37.0mm 4728-X-37.0mm -
37.5mm 4728-R-37.5mm 4728-X-37.5mm -
38.0mm 4728-R-38.0mm 4728-X-38.0mm -
38.5mm 4728-R-38.5mm - -
39.0mm 4728-R-39.0mm - -
39.5mm 4728-R-39.5mm - -
40.0mm 4728-R-40.0mm - -
40.5mm 4728-R-40.5mm - -
41.0mm 4728-R-41.0mm - -
41.5mm 4728-R-41.5mm - -
42.0mm 4728-R-42.0mm - -
42.5mm 4728-R-42.5mm - -
Emergency Collet P/N J550
*To order Round Plain Bore Collets replace R with RP in part number: Example 4728-RP-41.0mm


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